Our focus is on brows, but we love to create that complete eye-catching look! A lash-lift is perfect in combination with a brow treatment. It accentuates your eyes by making your lashes longer, fuller and giving them a beautiful curve. A lash-lift is suitable for all types of lashes, whether they are short or long. For the brilliant blondes and radiant reds among us, it is the perfect way to accentuate their lashes making the eyes speak more.

In a lash-lift, the natural lashes are treated and no extensions are used. The lashes are treated from the roots, making them longer and thicker for that eye-catching effect.


During the treatment, we place silicone pads on the eyelids. These pads take on the shape of your eyelid, perfectly matching the curve of your lashes. The eyelashes are then treated and attached to the silicone pad. They will be dyed which gives a mascara effect. It also makes the lashes appear even longer and thicker. This treatment is not harmful to your lashes and has the biggest advantage of not having to touch up your lashes for weeks.


Aftercare Lash Lamination

To enjoy the results as long as possible, follow these guidelines for the first 24 hours after treatment:
• Do not get your brows wet.
• Do not use makeup or creams around and on your eyebrows.
• Do not go under a tanning bed or in the sauna.
• Use a brow serum every day to moisturize and nourish your brows.
• Use lamination aftercare cream every night.

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