Nurian brow experts brow lamination


Brow Lamination, also known as Brow Lift, creates full, perfectly shaped and naturally aligned brows. In this treatment, we place your natural brows in the right direction using the Nurian Lamination technique and lotions. It is the perfect treatment for brows whose hairs grow in different directions. This often creates a “messy” look. Brow Lamination tames even the stiffest eyebrow hairs!


After the treatment, it is still possible to brush the brows into a different model. So you can define your desired brow look every day.

Aftercare Brow Lamination

To enjoy the results as long as possible, follow these guidelines for the first 24 hours after treatment:

• Do not get your brows wet.
• Do not use makeup or creams around and on your eyebrows.
• Do not go under a tanning bed or in the sauna.
• Use a brow serum every day to moisturize and nourish your brows.
• Use lamination aftercare cream every night.


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