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Powder Brows

Powder brows, also known as ombre brows, is a semi-permanent brow makeup technique that is applied with a small device. This technique creates a soft and natural powdered look that subtly fills in your brows.

The PMU device applies pigment in a very subtle way, making it look like you have colored your brows with powder. Thus, the perfect technique for anyone desiring a soft make-up look with an ombre brow effect. This technique is also highly recommended to those with oily or mature skin. 

The results are semi-permanent; it lasts for 1.5 to 2 years after which you can have the treatment done again to enjoy the perfect eyebrows longer. 

The Treatment

Prior to the treatment, there will be an intake in which your wishes and expectations are discussed. The brows will be drawn to the shape of your face and desires at first, once satisfied with its looks, the treatment can start.

The first treatment will take 2 hours to complete. You’ll need two sessions for the best results. After the first session, up to 70% of treatment fades. You can then come by for a touch-up, in which the remaining 30% and thus the final result will be visible after updating. Without updating, results will be visible for up to three months.

Important: After the first treatment, the eyebrows will look very dark until you have contact with water. Do not panic or worry when they start to shed causing stains, inequalities, and loss of pigment after contact with water. This is all very normal, the perfect result comes after updating.

The price for this treatment is €490,- including aftercare treatment (after 6-8 weeks)

Before Powder Brows Treatment After Powder Brows Treatment


You will receive aftercare instructions. You must follow these as closely as possible, as they are important for the recovery process of your brows. This will also contribute to longer-lasting results.

Important to consider is that, within the first 72 hours after the treatment, you should:

  • Have no water contact
  • Not raise your brows
  • Have no makeup on the brows, around is possible but we advise not to
  • Not apply cream
  • Not exercise

After this period of 72 hours, it is important that you do not:

  • Sunbathe for two weeks
  • Remove crusts yourself
  • Dye the brows for 2 weeks
  • Apply any facial treatments for 2 weeks
  • Swim or go to the sauna for 1 week

Why Powder Brows?

The powder brows treatment is suitable for all skin types! Furthermore;

  • The treatment results very natural powder effect brows
  • You’ll need no makeup; you wake up with perfectly shaped brows
  • It is very suitable for scars or bald spots in your brows
  • There is almost no visible redness or swelling after the treatment
  • It is not considered a painful treatment

Good to know!

The treatment cannot be done for pregnant women, hepatitis patients, diabetes patients, people with cardiovascular disease, and people who have been taking blood thinners for a very long time. Also important is when using Roaccutane, no permanent make-up can be applied until the end of its cure.