No chemicals, good for sensitive skin & longer lasting! Threading is the technique of hair removal using a thin thread, in which short rows of hair are removed at once. Threading allows more precise control when shaping brows, leading to a more defined result. 

During threading, the cotton thread is doubled and twisted together, allowing hairs to be plucked out from the root. In doing so, the hair follicles are weakened and the new hairs will grow sparser and finer over time.

The technique allows the brow specialists to work with precision. The hairs are removed row by row. Multiple hairs, as well as fine & individual hairs, are targeted and removed in a fast and tidy process. Threading gives our specialists the ability to shape your brows with stunning precision, providing a clean and defined shape as a result.

This technique involves no form of chemical or cosmetic products, making it a natural process suitable for sensitive skin.