At iBrowBar, we treat every brow with the same techniques but different methods of approach. This is because just like individuals, eyebrows are unique. Instead of creating one identical brow-shape for everyone, the perfect unique eyebrow-shape will be created to the shape of your face.

The treatments are focused on hair removal with a thin thread. The standard procedure includes trimming, tweezing and threading. Before the treatment, our specialists will discuss and advise on the best brow-shape for your face. The latest trends, specialists’ expertise, and the customers’ wishes will all be taken into consideration.

When threading, surrounding hairs will be removed to provide a clean and defined shape to your eyebrows. It is a natural form of hair removal, thus suitable for sensitive skin. Tweezing will allow the specialists to remove the last few small hairs. And trimming will provide a smoother look, for the finishing touch.

In addition, tinting is possible as well. This will be done before the standard procedure takes place. Tinting will allow a color boost for fuller and thicker looking brows. Depending on the skin, your eyebrows will maintain their thick look for 2 to 3 weeks!